Olympic Weightlifting

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Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is a sport in which athletes compete in lifting a barbell loaded with weight plates from the ground to overhead, with each athlete vying to successfully lift the heaviest weights. Athletes compete in two specific ways of lifting the barbell overhead: these are the snatch and the clean and jerk. The snatch is a wide-grip lift, in which the weighted barbell is lifted overhead in one motion. The clean and jerk is a combination lift, in which the weight is first taken from the ground to the front of the shoulders (the clean), and then from the shoulders to overhead (the jerk).

Weightlifting is an Olympic sport, and has been contested in every Summer Olympic Games since 1920. Whilst the sport is officially named “weightlifting”, the terms “Olympic weightlifting” and “Olympic-style weightlifting” are often used to distinguish it from the other sports and events that involve the lifting of weights, such as powerlifting, weight training, and strongman events. Similarly, the snatch and clean-and-jerk are known as the “Olympic lifts”.

While other strength sports test limit strength, Olympic-style weightlifting also tests aspects of human ballistic limits (explosive strength): the Olympic lifts are executed faster, and with more mobility and a greater range of motion during their execution, than other barbell lifts. The Olympic lifts, and their component lifts (e.g., cleans, squats) and their variations (e.g., power snatch, power clean) are used by elite athletes in other sports to train for both explosive and functional strength.

Small Group Training

Small group training is for athletes with experience performing the Olympic lifts who want to get stronger and improve overall technical proficiency in the snatch, clean & jerk, and supplementary lifts. You will receive club programming and coaching during Small Group Training hours. Competing is encouraged but not required. All athletes must first be evaluated to confirm a requisite level of technical proficiency in the Olympic lifts.

We also offer personalized programs to address the athletes’ specific needs/goals/weaknesses.

Fundamentals Program

If you are new to Olympic Weightlifting, this option is for you! We will teach you the fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting through 3 private sessions followed by 1 month of unlimited small group training.

College Weightlifting Program

Students currently enrolled in a college degree program are eligible to receive a reduced membership to join our team. This includes access to unlimited small group training times, open gym hours, programming, competition prep and event coaching. You must be between the ages of 17 and 24, and you must register with USA Weightlifting as a member of Barbarian Barbell within 30 days of joining and with the intention to compete in the sport.

Remote Services

If you would like to join our team, but do not live close enough to the gym to train with us regularly, we offer remote coaching for athletes anywhere in the world with access to Olympic Weightlifting equipment. Our remote coaching includes regular video review and feedback, drop-ins at our facility up to twice per month, and competition prep and coaching at events where Barbarian Barbell coaches are in attendance. You must possess a requisite level of technical proficiency in the Olympic lifts.

We also provide a programming-only option.

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