Strength and Conditioning

Kettle bell workout at gym

This program is designed for all levels and covers a broad and general basis for strength and conditioning. It is ideal for getting into a basic, well-rounded fitness routine. Build lean muscle mass, improve mobility, core strength, speed, agility, and more! Programs will be performed at your own pace during small group coaching times or open gym.

We also offer sport-specific strength and conditioning programs for various sports including volleyball, baseball, and football.

Sample general strength & conditioning program

Day 1

Hang Power Clean 4×3
Bench Press 3×6

Reverse Lunge + Russian Step Up 3×6/side
Single Arm Landmine Press 3×8/side
Hanging Leg Raise 3×8

Perform 8 sets of the following circuit, resting for the same amount of time it takes to complete.
20 meter sled push
20 meter farmers or frame carry
20 meter sprint
20 meter front loaded carry

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