USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach

Erik was introduced to the sport of weightlifting in 2011 and began competing in 2014, though he was introduced to the lifts far earlier as a high school football player in 2002. Having learned components of the lifts from coaches with no experience with the sport for over a decade before being introduced to proper coaching would have a lasting impact on him as a coach and an athlete, both within the realm of the sport of weightlifting and in other related endeavors.

Prior to weightlifting, Erik earned a football scholarship to Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, came in second place at the high school track & field Los Angeles city championships in shot put
before competing at the state championships, and made it to the second round of a tryout for a Canadian Football League team. He became a personal trainer during his collegiate athletic career and started
training at a CrossFit gym to improve his football performance shortly after, only to fall out of love with football and to begin competing in CrossFit, and eventually in weightlifting.

As a weightlifting athlete, Erik has competed at the national championships in 2015, as well as the American Open Finals in 2017, 2018, and 2019. As a coach he has trained a two time Masters National Champion and a one time Youth National Champion and international team alternate, as well as other national level competitors. Outside of the sport of weightlifting, Erik has used his expertise in the lifts to coach high school football strength programs for teams that went on to win league and city championships. He has also coached CrossFit athletes, which included extensive technical training on the weightlifting movements.